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Who We Are

A provider of reputable New & Pre-Loved Mobility Scooters

Quality can be found in both our New & pre-loved mobility scooters. When buying with us our New Mobility Scooters come with 2 Years Limited Warrant and our Pre-Loved scooters come with a 3 to 6 month limited warranty dependant on the age and condition of the scooter affording you peace of mind that you’re in fact buying from a reputable dealer that is backed by a supplier whose factories implement strict Quality Control and operate under strict ISO guidelines.

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We believe your expectations are our expectations

We will always go the distance. If you are located in Country Victoria we will go that extra mile to accommodate you and your family. We will always have a listed price on our products. When it comes time to servicing your mobility scooter, we will assess the mobility scooters performance and handling, we will run through a checklist of what servicing will take place and determine if we will take it back to the workshop for a more in-depth service which you will then receive a replacement scooter for that time, subject to availability.

We take careful consideration of your needs and expectations

Melbourne Mobility is intent on maintaining your independence. It’s our job to deliver you a mobility scooter that will meet your everyday requirements with operating functions that are easy to navigate, reliable and worry-free.

We show patience

As aforementioned, we take into consideration your needs and expectations. Whether it is online, over the phone or in person we will guide you step by step through the whole process of purchasing our Mobility Scooter products and accessories. The decision to buy is yours and yours only; we will not pressure or coerce you into a sale.

We guide you through a thorough selection process of the scooter that will serve you best

We will provide you with a questionnaire that can be filled in online or we can run through it over the phone prior to your FREE DEMONSTRATION. This process will provide insight into the environment which the Mobility Scooter will be operated under. Insight into the terrain and conditions it will have to endure will be taken into careful consideration as tyres or chassis might prevent it from operating to its full capacity.

Quality in product. Quality in service. Real quality isn’t expensive. It’s priceless.

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