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Mobility Scooters – Why you should always purchase NEW and not SECOND HAND.

There are numerous reasons as to why you should purchase a New Scooter. To purchase new means peace of mind as all New Scooters that we stock come with a Two-Year warranty. We also keep stock of Pre-Loved scooters which we service and sell with a warranty of 3 to 12 months. Mobility Scooters Are […]

Quality of life with a Melbourne Mobility Scooter

Melbourne Mobility Scooters and Aids will afford the end user the quality of life to venture out and navigate the many suitable paths and bike paths around Melbourne, especially new estates where there are a range of shops within the heart of the estate where it is easy to navigate to. The range of products […]

Disability? More like this ability…

In regards to a… Disability …There’s been somewhat of a stigma in the past for whatever reason unbeknown to those that are in need of a Mobility Scooter or those that can see the real value of what Electric Scooters have to offer. What do they offer?  Flexible transportation quite possibly from a car boot […]

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