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Two Year Warranty

For the period of two years *, from the date of purchase of your Mobility Scooter from Melbourne Mobility, in the event of defective materials or workmanship, Melbourne Mobility will repair or replace at our option to the original purchaser any of the following components found to be defective by an authorised Melbourne Mobility representative.



  • Dash Assembly
  • Battery Charger
  • Potentiometer Assembly
  • Electronic Controller
  • Bearings
  • Bushings
  • Seat Swivel Mechanism
  • Rubber Components, excluding tyres
  • Plastic Components, excluding body
  • Armrests, excluding padsThe warranty will also cover all the structural frame components, including fork, platform and frame.

    ***All Batteries and Chargers that Melbourne Mobility supply with new scooters contain a 1 Year Warranty, the warranty begins day of handover of the scooter.***

Note: While charging batteries it is normal for the battery charger to heat up. Heat coming from the battery charger DOES NOT constitute a defect

Note: Items not listed above are not covered for repair under this warranty

Melbourne Mobility does not provide warranty on any of the following items which may require replacement due to the normal wear and tear of day to day usage:

  • Tyres and Tubes
  • Plastic Shrouds
  • Motor Brushes
  • Bulbs / Fuses
  • Brake pads
  • Upholstery
  • Armrest pads

This warranty also excludes the following:

  • Loss or theft of components
  • Damage caused by:
    • Battery fluid spillage or leakage
    • Abuse, misuse, accident or negligence
    • Improper operation, maintenance or storage
    • Commercial use or use other than normal
    • Repairs and / or modifications made to any part without specific written consent of Melbourne Mobility
    • Exceeding the specified weight capacity of the unit
    • Accessories other than those supplied or approved by Melbourne Mobility
    • Failure to adhere to the product instructions contained in the Owner’s Manual
    • Acts of Nature, such as lightning strikes, etc
    • Circumstances beyond the control of Melbourne Mobility
    • Call out fees or freight costs if the product is not returned to the authorised dealer.



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